Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Save The Internet!

I'll be honest. I'd never heard about Net Neutrality until today. But now that I know, it seems like a damn important issue, especially if you're a blogger and/or on the net as much as I am. And even if you're not... wouldn't it be awful to come online only to find you have to pay to go to certain websites and couldn't even go to others? Well, apparently this is what many feel might become of the internet if we don't introduce a law now to keep the internet free in every aspect. Timothy Karr wrote a great little article on HuffPo about why we need net neutrality. And if you're just too damn lazy to read that, here's a video to educate you a little better:

So join the cause! Go to SaveTheInternet.com and see what you can do or make a donation if you're lazy but have deep pockets!

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