Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, April 09, 2010

The Oatmeal Is Awesome

...especially if you've worked in an office and have had the joys of working with an evil Printer of Doom.

...especially if you've ever used a Phone.

...especially if you think you've ever Sucked at Facebook (chances are you have).

...especially if you love Halloween.

...especially if you love Caffeine.

...especially if you enjoy Proper Grammar.

...especially if you've ever used Twitter (I think this list is also applicable to Facebook and the dearly departed MySpace).

Seriously... just check it. Or i'll send this guy after you:

Beauty Found in Meklit Hadero.

Some nights, you're not really sure where your headed anymore. You're not really sure how you even got to where you are and the next step seems almost impossible. And then you hear a song... someone's voice singing out. And then you know that it doesn't matter what the next step is. You'll get to it. You'll get through what you're going through and tomorrow things will be just the same and that you'll be okay. This woman, Meklit Hadero, her voice, is doing this for me right now. A beautiful vocalist as well as a cultural activist, she leaves nothing to be desired from a musician. She's one of those people that make me wish I could sing out and had the bravery to do more. And maybe I will, who knows. For tonight, though, i'll live vicariously through the sounds and notes emanating from her. Enjoy. :)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy 20th Anniversary, Twin Peaks!

It was 20 years ago that Laura Palmer's body was found, "wrapped in plastic." The owls were not what they seemed, you could smell the trees, and the coffee was damn good, among other things. David Lynch is one of my very favorite directors and Twin Peaks certainly falls in my top 10 of best shows of all time. Sure, a lot of it made no sense. Some scenes were completely terrifying (Bob, say what?!) and some were completely comedic (Lucy and Andy's relationship) and some were quite seductive (hello Agent Cooper and the much too young temptress Audrey Horne!) It had everything... mystery, drama, romance, murder, betrayal, rejection, a giant, a midget, owls, coffee, a fire, a woman with a log (aka Log Lady), a pageant, a woman named Diane whom we never get to meet, and just.. everything! And to kind of continue on my Mike Patton kick, here's (one of) his band(s), Fantomas, doing their ultra-sexy rendition of the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me theme. Rock on, Lynch and Coop and all you other crazies in Twin Peaks!

Fan Girl Thursday: Mike Patton

I know I'm way late in the game to be talking about how amazing Mike Patton is, how incredible diverse and utterly talented (not to mention stupidly good looking) he is... but still. It's Mike Patton. I had to make a quick post since I've been on a kick and I'm currently stuck at home and this is what I do when I'm ill and bed-ridden.

Don't take offense, Mike. I think you're amazing and would be honored to have one of your love children. I just don't normally have time to gush on my own blog.


Thanks to Feministing for posting this and Natalie Dee for making this.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Angus and Julia Stone

Just discovered this band, and yeah. Good stuff.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Song for Right Now.

yes. yes. this.

A Song for 3am.

Regretting missing their show the other week. I always find out about things too late. But so it goes.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring Break Archaeological Field School

(9am Everglades.)

This past Spring Break, instead of going to the beach and getting drunk like most of my University of Miami cohorts, I opted to attend my first archaeological field school over at the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church Site in Everglades National Park (Chekika entrance). It was definitely a life changing experience and has made me fall in love with archaeology for certain. It was only a week, but it felt more like being away from Miami for a month or more. My professor, Dr. Traci Ardren, is an incredible woman and was both a teacher and a really awesome friend at the same time and made it an amazing experience. I went in to the field school knowing about 2 or 3 of the students from previous classes, and came out with tons of crazy stories, interesting experiences, and very cool new friends I hope not to lose touch with. In between was some debauchery and there's something about working outdoors that makes the hangover worthwhile. We found some bears, lots and LOTS of snake vertebrae, lots of potsherds, a few sea shells, a few shark teeth, and some other stuff. I'll be writing my research paper on the previous owners of the site (rather, the previous owner was a man named Michael Boothe, but before he lived there, the site belonged to the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church, a group of religious individuals who viewed ganja as their sacred sacrament (much like the rastafarians) but were smuggling in so much marijuana through the Everglades that the government eventually shut them down and incarcerated several members. Interesting stuff! Anyway, for now, here's a few choice photographs from the field!

("Lake of Infinite Despaire")

(Inside Boothe's now abandoned house)

(Learning about mapping!)

(Me in front of the lake/pond)


(Rocks. Potsherds. Stuff.)

(Steve, Gaby, and Traci sifting through the dirt for artifacts.)

(Matt being goofy behind me, Gaby looking confused at the camera.)

(Our rockin' professor, Dr. Traci Ardren.)

(Me getting ready to get rained on the day of the Coopertown Air Boat Ride, only to find that it didn't rain.)


(Chris Brown digs a hole.)

(Jaw bone!)

(Me and Ali at the End of Dig party @ The Pit!)

Good times.

Misc. Newscasts!

In case you haven't kept up with my radio newscasts, here's the last two I did after my Spring Break hiatus! Also, I should start my radio rotation show on WVUM 90.5 FM in the next week or two, most likely on Tuesday nights 7-8pm. I'll keep you posted so you can keep it locked!

Newscast 3-25-10 by killingly

Newscast 3-30-10 by killingly