Friday, April 09, 2010

Beauty Found in Meklit Hadero.

Some nights, you're not really sure where your headed anymore. You're not really sure how you even got to where you are and the next step seems almost impossible. And then you hear a song... someone's voice singing out. And then you know that it doesn't matter what the next step is. You'll get to it. You'll get through what you're going through and tomorrow things will be just the same and that you'll be okay. This woman, Meklit Hadero, her voice, is doing this for me right now. A beautiful vocalist as well as a cultural activist, she leaves nothing to be desired from a musician. She's one of those people that make me wish I could sing out and had the bravery to do more. And maybe I will, who knows. For tonight, though, i'll live vicariously through the sounds and notes emanating from her. Enjoy. :)

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