Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Monring Headlines

Alright, so it might not be morning... more like afternoon, but here goes. Some interesting reading I just found that you might dig as well.. a combination of headlines you may or may not have read:

Farm Animals Get 90% of Antibiotics Sold In The U.S.
(keep chowin' it down, America...)

Holland To Start Taxing Prostitutes

Vegan Options On School Lunch Menus?

LOCAL: Funds Needed For Youth Program (Miami Science Museum Upward Bound)

"And I Say To Sarah Palin..."
(real slick, Fox News)

Colin Farrell Confirmed For Total Recall Remake (and to this I say... Why?!)

Todd Haynes, Kate Winslet, and Guy Pierce Discuss "Mildred Pierce"
(dying to see this!)

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Letter From Your Blogger...

So I just recently graduated from college and it felt like this might be the appropriate time to come back to my old blog. I've been using Tumblr as of late, but there are certain aspects of it that I don't enjoy that Blogger has a better grip on so I'm planning to post more frequently to this one now. Things to look forward to as far as this blog is concerned?

- Monday Morning Headlines (bringing you the best headlines from multiple sources straight to you!)
- Tuesday Trailers (these are just fun)
- A 2010 Recap entry
- Reviews on local events, television episodes, new albums, and more!

Let's see how it goes.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Beginnings.

Here's to new beginnings. Let's see how this works out.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wild Horses.

Someone at work was telling me they really enjoyed the song "Wild Horses" by the Rolling Stones yesterday, and then this morning, the Sundays' cover of it played on my Pandora and I realized it's one of those rare instances where the cover is so much more incredible than the original (even though I do realize the importance of the original in inspiring it.) Thought I would share this brilliantly beautiful song with you all.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"Happy" World Oceans Day.

(taken from the examiner)

With about a minute to spare, I'm just now getting around to my World Oceans Day post. I've been fairly silent about this BP oil spill in the Gulf because I wasn't really sure quite how to approach it. I'm mad, of course. Saddened, most definitely. More than that, I've been keeping my head in the sand (the soon to be tar-ridden Florida sand), hoping that something would happen quickly and that they would be able to stop this. But after reading about some of the most ridiculous ideas ever (golf balls to plug up the hole, anyone?) I realized that more than anything, I need to educate myself about this obvious crisis. Somewhat selfishly because I love the ocean and I love being able to go to the beach at a moments' notice if I should want to, and less selfishly because I don't know how many more pictures of dying and dead animals washing ashore I can take... I implore you to find ways of helping to bring more attention to this devastating situation. Contact your representatives and let them know how pissed off you are. Contact BP and let them know how REALLY pissed off you are. If you're able to, volunteer your time to one of the many organizations that are helping to clean off, save, and rehabilitate as much of our wildlife as possible. Read the blogs that are popping up everywhere, giving us up to the minute information on the situation itself and how you can help.

Here's a few links I was able to put together in just a few minutes time. Imagine all the information you could sift through in more time than that:


BP Drilling Disaster
Save Our Seabirds
National Wildlife Federation
Deepwater Horizon Response
Volunteer Florida Disaster
Friends of the Earth
Not The Answer

And if you're in Miami, why not add your name to the growing volunteer list at our local Audubon Society, who aren't taking chances being caught unawares when it finally hits home.

And there are still other ways....
Try becoming less dependent on oil. Use less plastic. Recycle. Drive less (or not at all). These are little things that anyone can do. They won't stop BP, but honestly this isn't the first time this happens and it certainly won't be the last. Still... we need to work towards the goal of alternative energy. It's ultimately what needs to be done.

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Omnivore's Dilemma?

yanked from a friend on facebook. feels like i would've won bingo several times over ages ago!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Guatemala City.

Incredible. I don't even know where to begin except that it seems rather terrifying that such a thing could occur. However, tragedy aside, the fact that they mention possible caves makes me want to go exploring. Wonder if they will and if so, what will be found. Very interesting!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kindergarten Sex Ed.

Personally, this seems like a fantastic idea. Kids need to grow up not thinking their bodies are something to be ashamed of and they also need to understand when they are being approached in a way that is uncomfortable to them. The States and elsewhere need to get hip to this.

Moment of Geek: True Blood!

Ahhhhh it's been almost a year since we were all gushing over Sookie, Bill, Eric, and the rest of the gang and we're finally getting better glimpses of what's in store for Season 3! I'm not sure how I'm feeling about all this werewolf stuff, but i'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to some major Eric/Sookie time. Check out the latest Season 3 trailer and go to the website to watch the (mostly unfulfilling) mini-sodes!

Wednesday Headlines

Thanks to AfterEllen for posting up these awesome comics by Stacie Ponder

David Byrne sues Charlie Crist? Thanks for the story, Under the Counter!

To Kill a Mocking Bird turns 50... and I scramble to my bookshelf to finally read my old, dusty copy of it!

West Kendall gets a Farmers Market.... but of course the Herald's article doesn't bother to let us know if and when the next one is happening.. (one time thing? every Saturday? Egh....)

NASA's Atlantis touches down on Earth for the (possible) final time... I'm hoping they change their minds though!

NYTimes and The Frugal Traveler