Thursday, April 08, 2010

Happy 20th Anniversary, Twin Peaks!

It was 20 years ago that Laura Palmer's body was found, "wrapped in plastic." The owls were not what they seemed, you could smell the trees, and the coffee was damn good, among other things. David Lynch is one of my very favorite directors and Twin Peaks certainly falls in my top 10 of best shows of all time. Sure, a lot of it made no sense. Some scenes were completely terrifying (Bob, say what?!) and some were completely comedic (Lucy and Andy's relationship) and some were quite seductive (hello Agent Cooper and the much too young temptress Audrey Horne!) It had everything... mystery, drama, romance, murder, betrayal, rejection, a giant, a midget, owls, coffee, a fire, a woman with a log (aka Log Lady), a pageant, a woman named Diane whom we never get to meet, and just.. everything! And to kind of continue on my Mike Patton kick, here's (one of) his band(s), Fantomas, doing their ultra-sexy rendition of the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me theme. Rock on, Lynch and Coop and all you other crazies in Twin Peaks!

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