Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kindergarten Sex Ed.

Personally, this seems like a fantastic idea. Kids need to grow up not thinking their bodies are something to be ashamed of and they also need to understand when they are being approached in a way that is uncomfortable to them. The States and elsewhere need to get hip to this.

Moment of Geek: True Blood!

Ahhhhh it's been almost a year since we were all gushing over Sookie, Bill, Eric, and the rest of the gang and we're finally getting better glimpses of what's in store for Season 3! I'm not sure how I'm feeling about all this werewolf stuff, but i'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to some major Eric/Sookie time. Check out the latest Season 3 trailer and go to the website to watch the (mostly unfulfilling) mini-sodes!

Wednesday Headlines

Thanks to AfterEllen for posting up these awesome comics by Stacie Ponder

David Byrne sues Charlie Crist? Thanks for the story, Under the Counter!

To Kill a Mocking Bird turns 50... and I scramble to my bookshelf to finally read my old, dusty copy of it!

West Kendall gets a Farmers Market.... but of course the Herald's article doesn't bother to let us know if and when the next one is happening.. (one time thing? every Saturday? Egh....)

NASA's Atlantis touches down on Earth for the (possible) final time... I'm hoping they change their minds though!

NYTimes and The Frugal Traveler

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Trailers!

The Killer Inside

Here and There

Love and Ranch

The Scientist

Mic Macs

Insignificant Others


Holy Rollers

The Father of My Children

Death and Cremation

Stop Arizona!

In case you haven't heard, last month Arizona recently decided to create a law that allows its' officers to stop any individual they might suspect as being an illegal immigrant and ask them for their proof of citizenship. This... is obviously one of the most inherently racist laws passed in this country in quite a while, I imagine. However, that seems to be fueling the fire of bigotry now as now some lawmakers are considering changing the status of babies born to illegals in this country from "citizen" to "illegal." Why are these people so threatened by immigrants? Most people who come to this country come to work hard and make a better life for themselves and their families. Many of these individuals end up having to work in terrible conditions on par with modern day slavery, and yet this country does nothing for them and/or to reprimand those who take advantage of their illegal status.

Please visit the ACLU's page
for ways you can help to stop Arizona's racism in its' tracks and prevent the spread of this kind of hateful thinking!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello, Summertime!

It's true. I'm a terrible blogger during 3/4th of the year. I get caught up with school work, and then there's actual work, and being a good friend/girlfriend/sister/daughter, etc takes up much of my spare time. Not to mention having some ME time. But! Fret not, for the summer is HERE once again and with it comes at least a good portion of free time for me to get back to blogging. And to get us back in the summer time mood, here's a few sweet funky beats for you to enjoy this morning just as I am. Do a little chair dancing with your morning tea or coffee and expect more updates to come!

The Meters - Funkify Your Life

Peanut Butter Wolf - Umbrellas

The Meters - Cissy Strut

Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf - Soon To Be Large

M-1 - Love You Can't Borrow

Friday, May 07, 2010