Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sarah Haskins - An goofy girl after my own heart!

Apparently I'm late to jump in on this feminist tv show bandwagon, but regardless, I have just been made aware of the awesomeness that is Sarah Haskins. I heard about her via Feministing yesterday, wherein they were wishing her a Happy Birthday (oh, yeah.. Happy Birthday, Sarah!!) I then Google'd her (*giggle*) and found a few clips of her show on Current TV. The first one was about "Doofy Husbands," which at first I was confused about because it almost sounded like she was being sincere. Almost. Then I realized that she is as sarcastic as sarcastic gets and had to keep watching. Tackling reality tv shows, crappy dating advice, and other bullshit that is constantly targeted at women even though we couldn't honestly care less about it, Sarah delivers episode after episode of wise and hilarious quips about the absurdities one can see on tv in regards to what women are "supposed" to be like and "supposed" to enjoy.

Oh, Sarah. You really fucking rock.

(Found this clip doing another google search, it was in an article from Salon.com)

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