Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Gnomes Have Been Saved!

According to a recent article posted on the Australian Gnome Convention website (...yes, you heard that right), 1500 gnomes were in danger of losing their lives (or at least their places on your lawn) after an elderly gnome carer passed away. Luckily, the Lower Blue Gnome Rescue group were able to make the trek to where the gnomes were being held and saved them from imminent doom! The gnomes are going to be housed in the Blue Mountains and will be attending the convention next January (along with their new caretakers I assume). It seriously doesn't get any cuter than a gnome rescue story. Unless maybe it's gnomes being rescued by kittens or vice versa.

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The Ibasans said...

oh my dearness! i love gnomes! what a nice group but weird.