Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Governator Doesn't Appear To Care Much for Victims Of Domestic Abuse.

It seems that Governer Ah-nold has decided to scale back on his funding of state-wide domestic violence shelters. I'm sorry... scale back isn't the right term. More like COMPLETELY ELIMINATE as he has cut the Department of Public Health's Domestic Violence Program funding from from $20.4 million to $0. It's one thing to cut corners here and there, Mr. Schwarzenegger, but it's another to basically screw over the countless women, children, and even men who are abused daily and who are in desperate need of shelter and support systems so that they might be able to lead normal, happy lives again. Seriously, how much time did you put in to thinking this through? Was there no other possible way to save at least SOME of the money that you've taken away from these shelters (who, by the way, depend a great deal on government financial backing?) Maybe I should write a letter to Ms. Shriver, who might feel a little differently. Perhaps it'll take a day of sleeping on the couch for you to listen to reason (or maybe she only did that because she wanted Obama to win, but could care less about the rest of us? Who knows.) Seriously, though. Seriously? If you're in California, can you please let your lawmakers know that you are opposed to the Governor's decision and that you feel that we must continue to help these shelters out? It's without question that places like these saves lives every day. How many people should have to suffer alone and have nowhere to turn to before you listen to reason?

Oh, wait. There's more! He also appears to have cut Department of Aging by $6.3 million and the Department of Public Health by $7 million. Because, well, old people and sick people are expendable, right? I understand that the climate of our economy is not very good at the moment, but did you ever think of starting with yourself? I'm pretty damn sure that not only must you get a crap ton (yes, a CRAP TON) of money by playing governor, but that you no doubt have an even more substantial crap ton of money from all those movies you did (don't tell me that the Terminator series alone did not make you richer than hell.) You have money, Mr. Governor. You don't want for medicine or doctor's visits. No one is beating you up and telling you you're worthless or abusing your children or your wife. You have a good life in a position of privilege, and while I recognize that you got yourself there, not everyone is dealt the same hand in life. Some of us have to rough it harder or are faced with more obstacles because of x, y, and z reasons. Please take the residents of your state in mind and consider other options you might take so as to not severely screw the rest of us.

By the way, it sounds like a lot of this could've been taken care of if people were to stop crying about paying more taxes. Pay your goddamn taxes people. Stop being so bloody selfish.

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