Thursday, July 30, 2009

Totally Looking Forward to Farenheit 451 : The Graphic Novel!

Yes, you heard me right comic geeks and Bradbury fans! Apparently comic artist Tim Hamilton has just adapted Farenheit 451 and has made it in to a graphic novel some 50+ years after the book was originally published. NPR has a few pages scanned that you can peruse, which look very promising. I will obviously need to make a trip to my local comic shop sometime soon in order to get a copy. While I tend to get nervous when people make movies out of great classic books like 451, I'm pretty sure Hamilton won't disappoint me with his shortened but visually pleasing rendition of the timeless novel. By the way, if you've never read it before, please go pick up a copy! It basically deals with a futuristic society in which firemen no longer put out fires, but actually start fires in order to burn books which have been banned in order to keep the truth out. Mr. Bradbury wrote the novel after he witnessed book burnings during in Nazi Germany and how the truth was being held back from the general public. It's a very powerful novel and sure to be an excellent graphic novel as well.

Make sure to go to your local independent comic book store and pick up a copy, or if you are stuck somewhere without a comic shop, you can always order it off of Amazon.

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