Monday, July 20, 2009

Beer Tasting Frenzy @ Deli Lane!

Most of us suburban Miami folk have been to the Tavern (aka Sunset Tavern - which is a joint bar/restaurant along with Deli Lane) at least once before. It's a pretty chill spot on the border between South Miami and Pinecrest (located near Sunset Place.) The pros are that you can smoke indoors, they have a good menu, pool tables, a decent selection of beer on tap, and is accessible via the Metro Rail if you're stuck in this city without a reliable mode of transport (not that the rail is much better, but it's a notch up from the nearly non-existent bus system.) The cons? Not really sure, actually. I guess the fact that they seem to have raised their prices over the last few months kind of sucks. However! They're hosting a pretty neat little beer tasting event next Wednesday that might be of interest to anyone that has an extra $20 to blow!

Starting at 7pm on July 23rd, the Tavern will be giving samples of 20 different beers (as well as chicken wings for all the omnivores) for the somewhat reasonable cost of $20! Once you're good and sloshed (as most surely will be after 20 samplings... believe me, it's more than you think), they'll be cutting the prices in half of all domestic drafts so you can keep the party going! Check it out if you get the chance (if someone wants to pay for me, I might just check it out myself.)

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