Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday Laziness = What I Watched...

The weekend was pretty hectic, so I apologize for not posting. I've got plenty of pictures and fun stuff like that from the weekend to post, but it's late and since I don't want to ruin my internal clock, i'll just leave you with some tidbits of what I watched tonight (a series of random tv shows, blips, and blurps.) I promise, some of it will actually entertain you. Well.. probably.

The Soup: Easily one of the funniest shows on television. Joel McHale is hilarious and he and his writers are geniuses. Alright, maybe not geniuses since the slew of bullshit that reality tv spews is already funny enough by itself. But still, these guys know have made an art out of making fun of the neanderthals that seem to govern most of America's television sets. I was a skeptic at first, since the show is on E!, but it's just too funny not to catch occasionally.

Whale Wars: (Watch videos here) Unfortunately, Animal Planet won't allow me to embed their videos. However, if you haven't caught on to this show yet, you really must. It's about a group of animal rights activists (specifically dealing with anti-whaling issues) who call themselves Sea Shepherd and work diligently to prevent Japanese whaling boats from continuing to murder innocent whales supposedly in the name of research (although it seems more than likely that they actually sell the whales to be used as meat and in other products which goes against international whaling laws.) These guys risk their lives for these majestic creatures. They're definitely an inspiration. (Can I also say I am digging the fact that they maintain an all-vegan lifestyle at least while on ship? Rock on, Sea Shepherd!)

Ghost Busters: So i'll admit.. I haven't seen part 1 or 2 since I was a little kid. They were playing it on AMC today as part of the Bill Murray marathon for Father's Day they had going on (I guess when people think Father's Day they think What About Bob? or Groundhog's Day?) Anyway, I finally sat down to watch it and I made a few observations. For one, it's a great movie. Entertaining and oh-so-eighties. The "special effects" which I'm sure were very high-tech 25 years ago are laughable at best now. But that's just part of its' charm.

I'd completely forgotten about Sigourney Weaver being in the movie and I must say, although I think Miss Weaver is awesome (hell, who doesn't love the Aliens film series??) I think this was the first time she actually looked pretty hot (and this is just the piggish side of me speaking.) And speaking of eye candy, I also found myself rather smitten with one Mr. Dan Akroyd. I've never found him appealing in a physical sense, but to be honest, his younger Ghost-busting self reminded me a bit of my boyfriend and it just went on from there.

One thing I did notice, however, was what seemed to be a lack of regard for Ernie Hudson. I'm trying to figure out if it's because they just didn't deem him as important or if racism got the best of the film. Watching the commercials for the new video game, he's not included. He's barely apparent in the trailer for the original film, and he isn't even mentioned as one of the stars (even though he's one of the 4 Ghost Busters.) Why would they nix him out but still mention hokey "key master" Rick Moranis? Am I the only one that's a little perturbed by this?

So what have you been watching this weekend?

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