Monday, June 22, 2009

An Iran You Might Not Know About...

I just added what looks like an incredible documentary. In the midst of the election crises in Iran at the moment (which I promise I will write something about as I realize I haven't, but I'm in need of time to do more research), I'm sure there are certain things about Iran and the Iranian people we don't know much about. Be Like Others is a documentary about Iranian transgendered men who are opting to undergo sex reassignment surgeries. Trans-folk in the Middle East? Yes, even in a place as conservative as Iran, apparently the Ayatollah made sex-change operations legal (under certain circumstances anyway), although it seems homosexuality is still punishable. Either way, it's an interesting look in to a minority group in Iran that is most likely being completely overlooked (much in the same way that it seems the transgendered and transexuals of the rest of the world also seem to go ignored in the mainstream media.) 

Read more about the documentary here or add it to your Netflix like I just did (so we can be the first to watch once it's available)!

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