Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Benefit yes, but full insurance? Whoa, whoa... slow down, cowpoke!

So apparently President Obama has decided to extent benefits to same-sex couples that work for the government. You'd think we'd be pleased, right? But then again, pleased about what exactly? The fact that gays are being extended the same courtesy that's extended to all "straight" people? It's not that I don't understand. I'm sure Obama is feeling pressure from all sides and by now is wondering why the hell he got himself in to this mess to begin with. With the recession, the current situation in Iran, the Iraq and Afghanistan "conflicts", trying to push for a new health care plan, etc., it's probably hard to fall in to a position on anything where everyone will be happy. This just seems like another strategic move on his part. Give some benefits now, the Republicans will be pissed but won't be up in arms (just yet), and hopefully in a few months try to sneak in full benefits for same-sex partners? That's my theory, anyhow. But it does get kind of old sometimes, doesn't it? Having to wait for people just like you and I to get treated equally? I know if I were in a same-sex relationship right now, I'd be even more furious (although I will say that even being in a straight relationship right now, you still get the shaft unless you're married - but that's a completely different subject.) Plenty of gay rights advocates are pissed. It's not enough, they feel, and honestly, they're right. Why does Obama continue to take the road of compromise? Maybe i'm just another radical liberal, but I think Obama needs to buckle down and finally give the Republican Party the finger, just like they did to us for the last 8 years. They would not only NOT give gays and lesbians benefits, they would most likely try to pass some kind of law making it illegal to even consider it. Fuck 'em, Obama. Grow a pair and give everyone the equal rights they deserve! You promised change, and you better start delivering.

(via NYTimes)

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