Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Breaking Bad.

So after much deliberation, I finally got around to watching the first few episodes of Breaking Bad. I've seen a few pieces of episodes on tv and thought it looked pretty interesting, but at the time was stuck watching another show (ie. The X-Files, The Sopranos, The L Word, etc.) But I have to say, after just watching the first 3 episodes, I'm already dying for the next dvd to make it here! I can already tell Bryan Cranston must give a phenomenal performance throughout the show (if he does even halfway as good as he did in these first episodes.) So much happens in just the series premiere that it's kind of wild to think of what on earth is going to happen with the rest of the season. Apparently AMC already gave the go on a third season, so hopefully it'll go on for a while (although the premise doesn't really seem to give much leeway in to a long future.) Hopefully it doesn't make the same mistake Weeds seems to (finally) be making either, in writing themselves so deep in a hole it seems near impossible to get out. Guess i'll have to watch and see...


agapeflower117 said...

Breaking Bad is AMAZING. If you like the first season, the second will absolutely blow you away. Enjoy the ride!!
-Christy :)

(She got Herself up) Killingly said...

heh yeah, tony and i are always looking for new tv shows and i'd kept hearing good things about this one. my only fear is the show will inevitably end in a sad way :\ considering the premise.