Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Morning News Brief.

Haven't really been keeping up with much of the news as of late. It's my fault, I know. I need to keep being a well-informed citizen. I think the holidays kind of zapped me out of wanting to know about reality to completely wanting to AVOID reality. However, I know I don't live in a bubble and so... here's some random news you might have missed:

Focus On The Family is putting up a pro-life ad during the Super Bowl starring Gators Golden Boy Tim Tebow. Completely lame, yes?

Good job, NBC! Conan O'Brien got fucked again!
Jay Leno will be going back to his original spot because he's an ass hate and Conan won't be on TV for 8 goddamn months. Granted, they're both going to be enjoying their millions regardless and it really doesn't affect me personally. But shit, I really was with Team CoCo...

Too fucking cool.
Kathleen Hanna's papers will be placed in NYU's Riot Grrrl collection at the Fales Library. First off... they have a RIOT GRRRL COLLECTION IN THEIR LIBRARY!? Just... wow. Impressed and it just makes me want to go to NYU for grad school now, hah.

In case you're not familiar with Kathleen Hanna...

A short quip on the Ethics of Looting over at NPR.

And finally... An incredible victory just happened in South Miami wherein the (usually not so fabulous) commissioners have granted benefits to domestic partners in the area! This is seriously amazing and going completely under the radar. Could this be what Miami needs to get the ball rolling?? Maybe I should finally switch my permanent address (I'm on the cusp between Pinecrest and South Miami so I'd need to find out whether it would count...) Seriously GOOD news, though!

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