Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Morning Two-Minute Headlines.

The NY Times wraps up the Emmys. Mad Men (one of my new personal favorites) won for best Drama and Best Writing as well (as it damn well should have.) 30 Rock also won a few awards, making me think I really have to finally get around to watching it.

The LA Times writes about the difficulties of rearing a child with schizophrenia. Fascinating and completely heartbreaking, I can only mildly comprehend how exhausted these parents must be.

NPR comments on the evolution of the T-Rex. Fun read for anyone interested in dinosaurs.

As witness to many individuals who claim that "god" has really had a huge impact on them (going so far as to go in to extreme prayer that includes "speaking in tongues"), this report called This Is Your Brain On God is of exceptional interest.

Kudos to this Temecula School for not being afraid to tackle a assigning a book that addresses rape, a situation that is very real in all our communities and unfortunately many times in our schools as well.

A local Feed & Supply store holds a rally against a chain of horse murders in our own Miami-Dade County.

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