Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I just don't believe it...

According to Forbes, Miami is the 20th Most Stressful City to be in. Seriously? Only 20th?! And tied with Vegas?? I just think that whoever wrote this has not gotten lost in Hialeah, tried to buy something at Navarro in Christmas time, looked for parking at the beach on a Saturday night, driven during traffic on the I-95 (or the 826... or the 836), tried to order a vegetarian entree anyplace (you always get the questioning looks), used the public transportation system, been in line at MDC's (or FIU's) financial aid office, or any other the other wonderful/god awful things that make this city such a pain in the ass to be in. I believe stress RUNS this city. And to be placed at only #20 (ESPECIALLY when we ranked #1 in Rudest Drivers in America, #3 for Worst Cities to Commute In, and #8 in Highest Cities to Rent In) seems like a total jip.

I demand a recount!

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Tony said...

I wonder who got #1 most stressful city. I bet it was any city in Delaware.
Hey, we're Delaware.