Monday, August 24, 2009

X-Files 3?!?!

I'm sure if you know me (or if you've at least read this blog), you know I'm a HUGE X-Files fan. I started watching the show as a child and grew up watching it on Fox and FX respectively. I saw the first film in theaters and thought it was fantastic. Then, word of the 2nd film came out and I realized that I needed to watch the entire show over again from start to finish. It took my boyfriend and I about 7 or 8 months to get the job done, but we saw every single episode, plus the DVD extras. The first 8 seasons were phenomenal. Season 8's season finale was where I felt the show should have ended, but the nerd in me didn't care that the next season might suck and I kept going with it just for kicks. Season 9, well... had its pros and cons. Obviously the main con being very little Duchovney (though Agents Doggett and Reyes actually grew on me a whole lot and I even think a spin-off might have worked.) And then there was the series finale. What a waste.

Once us 'Philes found out about The X-Files: I Want To Believe, I think everyone was hoping for the closure we'd been waiting around for years to get. What ever happened to Doggett and Reyes? Does Scully ever get her kid back? Do the super soldiers finally disappear? What ever happened to all the aliens?! What about the black oil?!?! AHHH!!!!!

Seriously... too many questions. So Tony and I went for an early morning showing of IWTB and left completely disheartened. Sure, they gave us cute little quirks to remember (ie. Mulder being bored throwing pencils in to the ceiling) and we finally got some Mulder/Scully relationshipness (though it was too weird for me to see them cuddling THAT much), but where was the story? What was the point?

And therein lies the rub. After IWTB, I doubt many people were feeling another movie (because by this point you might feel it could only get worse.) However, some of us STILL want to believe, and have been holding our breath for a third and final XF movie that will make us as happy as we were after watching Jose Chung's From Outer Space and Bad Blood. Well, it seems that Gillian Anderson has made mention that there might possibly be a third film well on its way to being released in 2012!

*Jaw Drop!*

The Park Bench recently posted a list of things they feel need to happen for a new XF movie to be released. While I agree with most of it, I personally feel that we NEED the mythology to come rushing back in. To hell with the main stream audiences! Let them sit for 9 seasons and hundreds of hours before they pay to see a film. Seriously. Chris Carter needs to get the the teams of people who worked on his best episodes and get them all to create the best script ever made. And then we need resolution. We want Mulder and Scully to find William again, or at least know that he's okay. We want to figure out what happened to the Black Oil. Maybe some flashbacks with Cancer Man. Or make a big chart showing us just how many different kinds of aliens there really were. Give Scully and Mulder back their badges and their huge flashlights. Bring back the kind of creepy-weird shit that made Home such an amazing episode. Hell... Just make it GOOD again!

And, you know, maybe give Alex Trebek a cameo while you're all it. Cause you know we'll all dig it.

More news on this as it unfolds...

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Melissa Dominic said...

i dunno how i feel about another x-files movie, only because io9 made mention they're considering a reboot?