Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nerds On My TV!

In the last week, I have found not one, but two completely fantastic television shows of ultra-geekitude! It was during my channel surfing (between Jeopardy commercial breaks) that I happened upon History Detectives!

Just as the name suggests, a group of experts (ranging from architects and appraisers to sociologists and historians) rallies together to figure out historical mysteries. The episode I saw dealt with a women who wanted to find out if she was actually on display at the World's Fair as part of an Incubator Babies exhibit, as well as someone who had old photographs from some of the oldest film sets ever made, and trying to figure out the meaning behind a Native American tapestry with bizarre symbols (including a few swastikas.) Obviously, I'm behind on the times as HD are on their seventh season already, but perhaps many of you have also been missing out. You'll have to go to the website for your local listings. Here's the schedule for the following week if you're in Miami:

WLRN Channel 17
Thursday, Aug. 20 - 10PM
Friday, Aug. 21 3:30AM
Sunday, Aug. 23- 2PM
Tuesday, Aug. 25 - 7PM
Thursday, Aug. 27 - 10PM

WPBT Channel 2
Monday, Aug 24 - 9PM
Tuesday, Aug 25 - 1AM
Monday, Aug. 31 - 9PM
Wednesday, Sept. 2 - 1AM

As you can see, the schedule varies a lot (although some of those are repeats.) So just check back when you can and I'm sure that you'll find it.

The other show I found (actually, while searching for History Detectives), is Time Team America! This one might not be as interesting for non-anthropology/archaeologists, but I think it's still pretty fascinating overall. Basically, a team of mostly archaeologists are given 72 hours at a site to try to uncover some of its mysteries. Since it's a TV show they're given access to equipment that is a bit more high end (in order to have time to make a few discoveries) so it's pretty cool to watch these kinds of surveys and excavations that one might not normally ever get the chance to do on their own. The episode I watched took place in Fort James, South Dakota (not exactly my kind of site but still educational.) This show seems relatively new, so hopefully people keep watching and we can keep it on for a long time. It would be even more amazing if after a few seasons they could create a Time Team International and go all over the world (including maybe some underwater archaeology!) Being that I'm still a little bitter about not getting to go to my field school this summer, I'm at the very least living vicariously through Time Team! Again, you'll have to check local listings for this one, but here's the upcoming schedule for us Miami-folk:

WPBT Channel 2
Friday, Aug. 21 - 2AM
(Unfortunately, they don't have any showings on Channel 17)

You can also watch a few episodes right on the PBS website! Go public television!

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