Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girl Talk Thursday: Girl Friends!

This is a pretty difficult GTT for me as I don't honestly feel like I have all that many girl friends. I'll be honest, these days it seems like girl nights get reduced to how can we get single guys around us nights, and it's pretty disheartening overall. I've always had more close male friends than female friends for whatever reason. And it's not that I dislike girl friends at all. In fact, I wish I had more that I could relate to. Maybe it's because I'm in a committed, happy relationship and most of my female friends are single and "ready-to-mingle," so I can't relate to going out with the girls to pick up guys. I don't really tend to enjoy most of the Miami haunts that a lot of the women around me enjoy going to. And I've never really been much of a girly-girl. Never gotten my nails done or had a make-over or enjoyed shopping at the mall (unless it's for something like books... or if it's somehow a vintage mall.) So I guess what i'll do here is make a list of things I would like to do if I did have more female friends. This is just the tip of the iceberg:

1. Have an X-Files marathon where we obsess over all the ways in which Mulder is gorgeous and great (and then bash him whenever he tries to get with any girl that isn't Scully.)
2. Throw a vegan cupcake making party!
3. Dance around the living room listening to Bikini Kill and The Breeders and all those other great grrl bands.
4. Volunteer anyplace together.
5. Host a Stich-N-Bitch (even though my knitting experience is limited.)
6. Go thrift shopping (for some reason most people seem to feel this is dirty.)
7. Play Boggle, Scrabble, and all those other nerdy word games together.
8. Have collage-making nights.
9. Attend lectures together.
10. Watch the Vagina Monologues together.
11. Go to museum happy hours.
12. Have documentary watching nights.
13. Plan trips to archaeological sites of interest.
14. Go crazy doing ridiculous kinds of theater make-up on each other.
15. Go to vegan potlucks together.
16. Write female-oriented comic books together.
17. Put together scavenger hunts.
18. Have a ladies night wherein no men are discussed, ever.
19. Go to yoga and belly dance classes together.
20. Have Kenneth Branagh does Shakespeare movie marathons and discuss how awesome he is for striving toward accuracy.
21. Watch scary movies in the dark and eat a lot of junk and not worry about getting fat.
22. Attend dragking/dragqueen shows.
23. Start our own public access show (or at least a podcast?)
24. Start our own publication.
25. Fawn over the awesomeness that is Rachel Maddow while enjoying cocktails.
26. Have feminist movie marathons.
27. Sailor Moon watching marathons!
28. All-female bowling leauge.
29. Have someone teach me to skate so I can join a roller-derby team.
30. Dress up like our favorite female characters night. Go out in to the city and drink wine in character.


Melissa Dominic said...

i would so love to go to a belly dancing or yoga class with you. also, i would love to do any of those things. maybe when i'm less of a douche and i can drive we can hang out more. :D

ZZ Q said...

dude...i'm down for most things!! holler.