Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hallway Of Letters

Totally stole this from Miss Broken Nerves herself, because it seems like a good way to jumpstart my blogging as i've been a little quiet as of late... It's all about an alphabet relating to the current goings on of my life:

A:: Anthropology. My major and my one true love. Alright, maybe not my only love. But one of my great interests. I'm currently trying to decide whether to register for a 6th class. If so, i'd have to take 6 courses for next Spring and next Fall (or take at least 1 or 2 courses over the summer), and then I would be able to graduate Fall of 2010. Otherwise, it's Spring of 2011. Ah, decisions, decisions!

B:: Back To The Future Triology. Tony, his sister, her boyfriend, and another friend of ours have been doing these Sunday Movie Nights randomly in the last few months. Last time, we watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (the extended director's cuts which resulted in at least an additional hour per film... yeah, I know.) We'd been on a bit of a hiatus but we finally reinstated our Sunday Night Movie Series with the first installment of Back to the Future. I got to re-ignite my love of Michael J. Fox (and realized that Crispin Glover is pretty cute too.) If you ever get a chance, make sure to watch the deleted scene and outtakes, especially the one of MJF pretending to be a bad mexican stereotype.

C:: Coffee. I don't know why, but i've been seriously jonesing for coffee almost every day for the last month. I used to love coffee and drank it tons, but that was years ago. In the last few years, my coffee consumption has steadily decreased to a cup every couple of weeks/months. Ever since I began this diet, though, i've felt an insatiable need to drink coffee (or a latte or espresso, or anything related.) I blame too much Twin Peaks for this.

D:: Dorian Gray. Started reading The Portrait Of... recently and so far so good. Kinda felt like I had to since I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation of and decided I had to watch. It's my first time reading Oscar Wilde. Recommendations?

E:: Eggplant. Eggplants rule. Chopped and marinated for a stir fry, breaded for an eggplant parmesan, or however you like them, they are a versatile vegetable (vegetable? squash? hrm....) and one that no vegetarian should be without! Just a few days ago we made sushi w/ some marinated eggplant, and right now we've got some eggplant parmesan subs with our names on em! Yummmm!

F:: Fasting. I did a light fast last week (just water, but gave it up at night.) It felt amazingly good. I almost want to make it in to a weekly ritual. Allowing my body time to detoxify itself, even if just in a small way. It almost makes everything look sharper and brighter and your senses just become more aware. And that's only with doing it for a day. Can't imagine the wonders it could do for longer, although I'm afraid I'm not that disciplined as of yet.

G:: Gilroy Garlic Festival. All I have to say is... GENIUS! A whole festival dedicated to cooking with my favorite bulb (herb? spice?) Unfortunately, I probably couldn't actually eat most of the stuff they're making, as most of it involves meat... but this seriously inspires me to make more garlic-infused foods! LOVE love love garlic!

H:: Hormones. Yep, so I've been off of birth control pills for almost 2 months now and so far, so good. I gotta say, the first few weeks were kind of a pain (mood swings left and right, feeling extra emotional, etc.) but now I'm kind of happy to be off it. I kept reading about all the side-effects of long term usage, and while I will probably go back on it eventually (I kinda had to get off for financial reasons - read: I lost my health insurance again), it's nice to know my body is getting a well deserved break.

I:: Ice Cream. I recently took a trip down to Wall's Ice Cream (BEST ice cream shop in Miami!) where my friend Jenn and I shared a banana split that has been haunting me ever since. So fucking delicious. Tony and I bought some low-fat frozen yogurt sometime after that, but it wasn't the same. Watching Top Chef tonight, someone used rice ice cream in a dessert and it made me want to try coconut milk ice cream as I keep hearing good things. So yeah... I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
J:: Jelly Donuts. Apparently they're Agent Cooper's favorites! David Lynch makes me hungry for jelly goddamn donuts. I apologize for all the Twin Peaks references (they will continue), but that's what I was watching for the last 2-3 months almost daily.

K:: Katamari. I just can't get enough of rolling around random object to create a larger ball! Too addicting for words!

L:: Lemuria. I found this band via Pandora (thanks to my riot grrl/girl rock radio station.) Good tunes and great vocals. Check em out on MySpace. They are making my ears quite happy these days!

M:: Mogwai. Honestly, i'd never really given this band a chance. I'd heard of them from many a hip kid but never really stopped to listen. The other day as I was washing dishes and listening to Pandora, this amazing song began to play. My heart stopped. It was one of those moments you realize you can fall in love with a song all over again. Or the feeling that the song gives you. It makes me hopeful and sad and lonely and amazed and fills me with longing and I don't quite know why. If you don't believe me, listen to this:

N:: No Doubt. My friend Allie and I had a bit of a No Doubt singathon a few weeks back and it got me to wondering why the hell Gwen Stefani became such a eh... maybe not sell out. Idiot? Maybe that's mean. I just miss when she didn't give a shit and jumped around in her postal worker pants and heeled saddle shoes (coolest look, seriously!) and sang about what it's like to grow up a girl in a frustratingly male-dominated world. You were one of my first feminist icons and then you started wearing "bling" and singing "Holla Back Girl" and shattered my view of you. *Sigh* indeed.

O:: Orgasms. Need I say more? Seriously?

P:: There is WAY too much entertainment to be found on this website. I subscribe to their RSS feed via my Livejournal.

Q:: Queer. More specifically, the Garbage/Shirley Manson song. I don't know why, but it's made a total comeback in my heart. What ever happened to them anyway?

R:: Running. Tony and I started running early this year. We were doing Couch-to-5k at first and now we do a combination of either that or HIIT. Although I'm not running as much (or as fast or for as long) as i'd like, I have improved my stamina and strength and there's just something freeing about feet hitting gravel, flying through the air, and falling down again.

S:: Sushi. We recently made the most delicious vegetarian sushi ever! All kinds of rolls. Marinated mushroom rolls, popeye rolls (spinach w/ my own spicy veganaise), avocado rolls, eggplant rolls, etc. But I'm actually dying to make Veganomicon's spicy tempeh nori rolls soon!

T:: Twin Peaks. I finally finished the show AND the movie. I have way too many questions for David Lynch, which i'll have to ask should I ever be lucky enough to meet him. Such as... what the hell happened to Coop? Was the film before or after he went to where ever the hell he went to? Is the place with the red curtains hell? Purgatory? Something else? Where did Bob come from? What happened to Chris Isaac and Kiefer Sutherland? Who ate all those donuts after the shoots? Where exactly is Twin Peaks located? Did Zooey Deschanel ever run around on the set as a child since her mom worked on the show? Hah, so many questions.

U:: Underpants. Everyone's got 'em! I happen to be a big undies fan. The more colors and patterns, the better I say!

V:: Vampires. Haven't I already written about this craze? I think i'm just looking for ways to fill this list without thinking so much seeing as it's taking me so long!

W:: Winter. Where the hell are you!? I'm in dire need of this summer weather to finally be over. I miss knitting with the windows open, drinking hot coffee, lying on the couch. Soon, soon, soon, right?

X:: X-Files. I miss you. :( Where is the next movie wherein you explain wtf happened to Dogget and Reyes and bring back baby William and actually have an X-File happen rather than just some random bizarre chain of events that isn't entertaining at all like your last movie?

Y:: Yuri. Apparently this is a genre of anime focusing on relationships between 2 girls or 2 boys. I'd never heard of this until I discovered Aoi Hana, which is one anime that I am currently digging (but I believe i've written about this too.)

Z:: Zooey Deschanel. Ah, Zooey. What can I say about this doll-face beauty? She's cute. She's vegan. She's got eyes like bright sapphires and a smile that would make you not mind chopping off your own hand. And she's just a cool gal overall. I am smitten, and simultaneously, in awe of you. Also, her mom was on Twin Peaks (I referenced this earlier), making her extra fucking cool.

Your turn!


ZZ Q said...

a fast? yiiiikes. i don't know how you do it. i need to eat every 3 hours or my stomach feels like it's digesting itself. and in other news, yay for tragic kingdom!

(She got Herself up) Killingly said...

lol actually fasting isn't so bad for me (for the first day anyway.) i havent been able to keep it up past that tho... then i feel all dizzy/pukey and must eat. but its funny cause if im just not eating i get all ravenous MUST EAT but if i prep myself mentally and tell myself im not eating for this day, i focus more on how my body feels and i dont get nearly as hungry.ive only done it a small handful of times tho and like i said, never more than a day. maybe someday eventually if i ever take up meditation or something similar.

Melissa Dominic said...

you must tell me which mogwai song it was!

i haven't seen twin peaks since i was a kid.


also, yuri is girl/girl only. yaoi is boy/boy :D