Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekends In Miami (A Re-cap!)

What more can you ask of a weekend asides from good friends, some time well spent in a pool, delicious (yet affordable) wine, and a free convention?! This is my weekend retrospective...

Friends (Erik, German, and Susan) came by on Friday afternoon and we spent it in my apartment complex's pool. Love going to the pool because it's almost always empty (which is was except for at the end when a few kids came by and sat around at the far tables to chat.) Found a few beach balls there to throw around. Swam laps. Played goofy games. Erik and Susan took turns doing flips and jumping in. Had an all around good time.

Spent the rest of the evening indoors, watching tv (Rachell Maddow, Ghostbusters 2, and Seinfeld mostly), having organic pizza and drinking wine.

Saturday was a mostly lazy day spent with Tony. At night, we had friends over (more wine was had) and things were good. Somehow though, we all forgot to take pictures.

Sunday, Susan came over and she, Tony, and I went to FIU for the annual Yasumicon. I used to be an FIU student but never went to Yasumicon until now. I've been to a few conventions in the past, but never one that was totally dedicated to anime. It was pretty cool, but I felt extremely out of the loop. I barely recognized any of the costumes or merchandise. And most of those in attendance were exceedingly young (probably from the 12-18 age range.) Either that or anime fans need to take their vitamins.

There were some cute vendors (whose cards I picked up and who i'll name later when I edit this.) They had a LAN party going on upstairs, but I'm not really a gamer by any means. I got there too late so I missed all the good panels since most were on Saturday.

Saw some faux sword fighting and the "Maid Cafe" was... interesting to say the least. Apparently maid cafes are big in Japanese Otaku culture, which consist of small cafes/restaurants where the servers dress up like maids (they also have butler cafes) and refer to the patrons as master/mistress and treat them as if they were in their own homes.

Here's a few other misc. pictures from the convention:

Ran in to Eric (of Coffee House Gypsies fame) on the way out. Unfortunately we didn't get to see them play, but we will next Friday night @ one of my favorite bar/restaurants (right on UM's campus), Titanic. He also told us about Arm Cannon's performance (which we also unfortunately missed.)

Afterwards, we tried to find where the post-anime hurricane Comic/Anime shop was, but apparently it too has closed its doors. Very sad, indeed.

Rest of the afternoon was spent recovering (my back has been killing me), watching Twin Peaks and Sailor Moon. All in all, a good weekend well spent!

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Julia said...

Hey, I was the Bluehair girl that was looking at a wall scroll in the dealers room. xD I was actually a part of the maid cafe too, but I had been on break when you took that pic. Wish you could of gotten a cuter pic of me though. xD