Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday News Round-Up

Just a few of today's headlines you might have missed!

Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner of Florida, Charles Bronson (*snicker*) has created a ban on the sale of honey that contains any additional ingredients/fillers other than the honey itself, effective tomorrow! Kudos, Mr. Bronson!

One of the last surviving Nazi's of World War II has been found and will soon be facing trial. No sympathy for this bastard who's been allowed to live to the old age of 89 in peace while others had to die.

Favored director David Lynch has a new photography exhibit based on the music of Danger Mouse up at the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles.

Free health screenings are going to be offered here in Miami tomorrow from 10am to 4pm, including HIV and STD testing! Call Commissioner Joe Martinez's office at (305) 552-1155 for more info.

In Super Hero film news, Natalie Portman's been tapped to star in Thor (along with Chris Hemsworth... which I am having a hard time picturing as Thor unless he bulks up, honestly), while Ryan Reynolds is now working on becoming the Green Lantern (which I guess can work as long as he keeps the goofy to a minimum.) I have some high hopes for Thor though since my man, the Shakespeare-loving Kenneth Branagh is directing (who'da thought?!)

Apparently is telling me that Al Pacino is going to be playing Dr. Kevorkian in the upcoming biopic You Don't Know Jack (along with Susan Sarandon and John Goodman.) How... very random. Hope he keeps the shouting to a minimum this time.

According to the BBC, cat's really ARE manipulating humans! Always knew those little bastards had us enslaved (not that I don't love them any less...)

Tara Stiles gives us the low-down on her fridge and why cooking your own food is best!

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