Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Viernes Culturales!

If the weather permits (and you happen to be in Miami), go connect with your Latin roots (and if you're not Hispanic, check it out just the same!) at Viernes Culturales in Little Havana. It's a nice (FREE) event that goes on the last friday of every month, which includes a gallery walk, concerts, street vendors, and more. This week, Malena Burke (see videos below) will be enchanting audiences with her powerful spanish ballads. And did I mention it's absolutely FREE? What can be better? It's sure to be a real taste of Miami, the Cuba of the North.

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48crash said...

that walk is fucking awesome..I believe they also have a gallery night over at Casa Juancho...where you're also able to crash the flamenco show..and then you can catch another one over at panza's...OLE!!