Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday Trailers! - The VERY Late Edition

Alright, perhaps it's more like Wednesday morning trailers... But, it was for a good cause! I was busy celebrating Bastille Day yesterday and got caught up in all kinds of crazy, including making a crustless quiche from scratch (which i'll post a recipe for later - it was fabulous and i'll be having leftovers for breakfast this morning!), enjoying some chevre/roasted pepper/sundried tomato sandwiches Tony made, listening for all kind of beautiful french music, and ending the day watching a french film (L'Enfant - which i'll be posting a review about soon enough) while enjoying an evening glass of french wine (or two) with some poppy thyme crackers are more of that lovely french goat cheese. Yes, see? It was worth it. I swear.

Anyway, without further ado... here's some trailers for some upcoming films!


The start of this trailer reminds me of a cross between the second half of Pearl Harbor and that movie with Jennifer Garner that Kevin Smith was in. But then I guess it takes an ugly turn. I am kind of happy that they're making a movie addressing some of the issues that veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq are probably facing right now, but at the same time... I don't like the way they're going about it. Might wait for the dvd on this.

The Way We Get By

This looks like an incredibly moving documentary about some truly unsung heroes (including many past war veterans), those who make sure that our soldiers returning from Iraq/Aghanistan get a good welcome home. Definitely seems worth the watch.

The Hurt Locker

Continuing in the vein of war-related films, this movie seems like another Hollywood attempt to address the current war in Iraq, via the eyes of a soldier whose specialty is disarming bombs. It looks alright, though not my kind of movie. I'm honestly hoping there's more of a plot to this buried underneath the trailer and that it isn't just about big explosions and escaping big explosions.

Coco Before Chanel

Basically, the story of Coco Chanel before she became uber-famous. Coco is played by Audrey Tautou, so if you're a fan like myself, then you'll probably want to check this out. The other plus is that it's in french, as it should be since Coco Chanel was french and i'll be honest, I hate the americanization of biographical movies based upon people of other nationalities. Makes no sense. Looks pretty good.

Flame & Citron

Who isn't eternally fascinated with WWII/Nazi Era films? This one is about 2 highly regarded resistance fighters, and from what I can see, it looks like it won't disappoint. Action, love, betrayal, war, and all kinds of complicated circumstance.

No Impact Man

This movie looks amazing. I can totally respect what this guy is doing and honestly the trailer alone is inspiring. I can tell that I'm not going to like the wife very much, being the baby who can't give up anything, even small things like giving up coffee or meat or makeup. I do indulge in things now and again, but not so much that if I had a good support system (eg. her husband) I know i'd be able to do it. We could all learn a few things from this man. Definitely checking this out.

District 9

Transformers meets aliens? The premise of the film seems really great, but yeah. I'm not completely digging the special effects being too similar to Transformers (and actually, you can see a little Terminator:Salvation influence as well.) I wish people would start being more original in their filmmaking. But i'll probably check it out anyway since I'm a big alien film nerd.

The Cove

This looks like an incredible documentary about the plight of the dolphin in captivity, and not only that, but the problem with hunting and killing dolphins for meat. If you've ever watched Sea Shepherd, you'll probably dig this. And even if you haven't, this looks to be incredibly eye-opening. I need to see this!


The documentaries just keep on coming! This seems to be another promising one as well, about those oh-so-lovely (mostly Republican) government officials who like bashing the gay community and voting against things like HIV test funding, but who go and have secret homosexual affairs later on. I'm excited to see how they'll be outing the assholes in Congress that just can't be honest with themselves. God, I hate hypocrisy.

And finally, the one we've all been impatiently awaiting ever since we heard our favorite childhood story was coming to the big screen...

Where The Wild Things Are

Too completely psyched for this!!

More trailers next week!

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