Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Joyeux Quatorze Juillet!!

It's Bastille Day again, folks! And while many of us choose to hate on the French, I rather like the country and the language and the artistic beauty their people have contributed to our society (not to mention they DID help us out during OUR revolution.) From wonderful movies like Delicatessen to the music of Air and Yann Tiersen to the artwork of Edgar Degas and those delicious crepes and pastries, the French have been long-time masters at the epitome of the cultural world. In celebration of the French people's accomplishments, i'll spend my day indulging in some french music, perhaps cooking a nice french-inspired dinner, watching a french film or two, and maybe even imbibing in a little french wine. But for now, a salute to all that the French have done!

Je suis tres reconnaisant pour tous ce que vour faites. (Did I say that correctly?)


Joyeux Noel



French Art:

Paul Gauguin

Claude Monet

Hippolyte Bayard

Eugene Delacriox

Edgar Degas (my personal favorite)

French Cuisine:

French Wine

French Cheese

French Pastries

French Music:

Daft Punk


Claude Debussy

Serge Gainsbourg

French Crooners like Jean Sablon

Yves Montand (even though he was technically born in Italy, but whatever)

Claudine Longet

Yann Tiersen (one of my personal favorites for sure)

Charles Trenet

And well, I could go on but... you get the point.

Viva La France!

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