Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Trailers (or Movies That Hopefully Won't Suck)!

I think from now on, the sub-heading of these posts will be "Movies The Hopefully Won't Suck." Because in the year of "Land of the Lost" and "He's Just Not That In To You," we seriously want to hope that there might just be something more out there. Anyway, without further ado... Here's a few trailers to get you in the movie-watchin' mood:

Taxidermia - Looks completely bizarre and beautiful and kind of gross all at the same time. I don't really know what to say about it except - go watch! Two thumbs up for the trailer!

White On Rice - The trailer is too funny for words. Love films about culture clashes as well as not-so run-of-the-mill coming-of-age stories (let's add more hyphens, shall-we?) My only hope is that they don't go too cliche with the love story trifecta.

The Queen and I - Documentary about Iran's former queen and the state of Iran 30some years ago versus today. Has much really changed?

The Vanished Empire - There isn't much to this trailer, but it's got a good vibe. Classic set-up. Boy meets girl. Boy meets girl #2. Hilarity and hormones ensue. But in a much more stoic, European fashion.

Carriers - Alright, I can't vouch for whether this will be good or bad. Casting seems decent. Plot seems... generic but still decent. Didn't get enough of a look at what exactly happens to "the infected." Is this a zombie movie? Or are people just very sick and then die? Do they run after you? Do they want your brains? What's the deal? Maybe i'll get my answers once I watch it.

Whip It - I'm trying to stop hating on Ellen Page. She's not a bad actress. In fact, she's a pretty good one. After watching Juno (and not being as eternally impressed as most of my friends), I had to watch her in Hard Candy which was a completely different kind of movie (and in my opinion, a better one.) Still, the bad-taste in my mouth from Juno has made me kind of iffy about watching anything that might remind me of it, including anything by Diablo Cody or starring Page. However, this actually looks pretty cute. Hollywood wild child Drew Barrymore has had her ups and downs as an actress, but this is her first time directing so I gotta see if she's got it in her. I might watch this with a few friends, or wait for the dvd, but either way I'm sure it'll deliver, and hopefully it'll include some surprises.

An Education - Pseudo-guilty pleasure type film. Young girl on the brink of adulthood meets a handsome man and gets swept off her feet. And then the problems start, or so they seem to insinuate. Can't get enough of british accents, and while i've never been a big fan of Peter Sarsgaard, I can totally fall in love with him with that accent. The lovely, gifted Emma Thompson, the talented Alfred Molina, and the underrated never-endingly beautiful Olivia Williams also star in this. I just can't say no.

And finally...

July Moon - I keep hearing about how the NASA moon landing tapes were lost. This film tells us that they've been found. But have they? It seems odd that the news wouldn't be all over this if it were true, but perhaps it's being kept under wraps until the movie is released. Either way, kind of excited about this, especially during such a significant anniversary.

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