Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Saturday Nights are All Right in The Grove!

While I'm obviously a little late with this announcement, it seems that Coconut Grove has been hosting a number of Summer Block Parties wherein they close the streets and celebrate good ol' muggy as hell Miami nights, complete with food, drinks, and live entertainment. There are still 2 left (one this Saturday, July 25 and the last one is on August 1st), so make sure you go and check this out! The illustrious Spam All-Stars will be performing this weekend from 8:30 to 10:30pm. The whole party begins around 6pm, so i'd suggest getting there around then or maybe even a little earlier to get good parking! ...And did I mention it's totally FREE?! Yeah, I thought that'd be a selling point during these crappy economic times.

Watch The Spam All-Stars in this latest video release with their song "Gallo Pinto" (which, if you live in Miami, you probably know it's the name of Nicaraguan-style rice & beans - YUMM!):

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