Monday, July 06, 2009

A Stolen Idea

I saw this on another journal and thought I should make a similar list...

24 things to do before I turn 25

-finish watching the entire Sailor Moon series

-begin writing a book... about anything at all

-finally watch Revolutionary Road (i've been dying to see it since December and have yet to get to it!)

-go to the beach (it's summer... in MIAMI... and I STILL haven't gone!)

-make our apartment spotless (it will happen, dammit!)

-make writing prompt nights at least a weekly occurrence

-get published anywhere for anything at all at least once (i've done it before but it's been a while!)

-go out for a day to take pictures of anything and everything

-save up enough money for a tattoo

-get my weight down in to the 120's (or at the very least look it!)

-go to a yoga class that isn't in my living room

-save up enough money to go back to belly dance classes

-overcome my fear of jumping in the pool and perfect the cannonball (i've jumped in, but i'm always terrified to be quite honest)

-finish A book... any book... seriously, i never read anymore. it's god awful.

-start up a comic strip of some sort about daily life

-go canoeing/kayaking anyplace

-visit a water park (i've never been!)

-update my resume

-apply for an internship (or get a part time job... either/or)

-sign up for a 5k run

-do something new with my hair. it's starting to get old and drab.

-make sure to post something/anything in this blog daily, no matter what.

-go on a trip for more than 2 days anyplace

-actually do everything on this damn list!

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