Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday Morning with Morning Yoga!

Yoga is a phenomenal thing. I think the first time I had any kind of yoga-like experience was in high school. I was taking a night class for gym and our teacher was this pretty cool blonde lady whose name escapes me. We would get to do all sorts of things in that class (including badminton, basketball, running, vollyball, tae-bo, dance, etc.) Every so often, she would give us these mats and we would do a little stretching and then guided meditation. She never called it yoga, but it was pretty similar. I think decided to take a yoga class when I was at FIU one summer. The class was amazing. It consisted of 1.5 hour yoga practice, 30 minutes of meditation, followed by one hour discussions about inspirational/spiritual books we were reading (as well as journals we were keeping.) It made me fall in love with yoga, but once that summer was over, I didn't really go back to taking classes. I did a few solo at-home practices since then, but hadn't really developed a consistent practice. However, I have recently re-discovered yoga thanks to websites like and Sadie Nardini's youtube channel. I've been trying to practice most every day for at least 20 minutes. This weekend, I fell off the wagon for a bit so to speak and didn't practice at all. But I want to get back in to daily practices because the benefits are just too amazing. I feel incredibly light and de-stressed every time I finish a practice. I tell you, it's on par with the feeling you get after a really good orgasm. But (as LaVar Burton would say): you don't have to take my word for it!

Before I get in to my own morning yoga routine, here are a few videos that might help you out to set up your own practice! Just try it out and see how you like it. Don't push yourself and don't feel bad if you can't complete it. Yoga is about giving in and letting go, and freeing yourself from the restrictions of the world. It'll change your life. So put down your mat, take off your starts, and get started!

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