Monday, July 27, 2009

Never Do Wrong To A Crow - They'll Remember You Forever!

NPR has a fascinating story about crows. It seems that crows have the ability to memorize our faces and store them in their memory banks for years! For anyone who ever said that animals don't think at all the way we do and won't remember something from the previous hour, the crows are now proving you wrong. These intelligent creatures can pick us out from a crowd if they've seen us before and act accordingly. And yet, we can see two crows and have no way of telling them apart. It's funny because I've always felt kind of uneasy around crows. They look at you differently and they seem very unafraid of people. Read more on the story at NPR's site and play the interactive game to see if you can pick a crow out of a lineup. My best shot was on the 4th try.

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