Thursday, July 16, 2009

Girls With Guitars - Next Week!

I've never been to the Van Dyke Cafe before, but i've been hearing about it since I was a teenager without a fake ID planning out what i'd do in Miami once I finally turned 21. And yes, I turned 21. And 22. 23. Etc, etc. and never actually bothered to go. In fact, the only jazz night i've ever been to is the Monday Night Jazz Jam at Churchills (which tends to get overshadowed by Open Mic Night outside anyway.) However, this flyer caught my attention. I love female vocalists and I love acoustic guitars. Girls WITH guitars - oh yeah. That's at the top of my music list. Seems like an awesome opportunity to listen to some new music and find out about some local talent.

Do yourself a favor and go to the Van Dyke Cafe next Tuesday! And check out the website, their menu looks absolutely delicious (albeit perhaps a bit pricey...)

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