Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coffee House Gypsies Invade Titanic!

Anyone and everyone who reads this: Go to Titanic Brewery tomorrow night at 10pm! Why? Well... first of all. Their beer is awesome (you should totally have the porthole sampler, it's a bargain and it'll get you good and toasty.) Also, their food is pretty damn fab and not too terribly expensive*. Oh, yeah... but the point is, my friend Eric's band, The Coffee House Gypsies, are going to be playing a set. And it's free! So come out and support your local music scene (lord knows I'd given up for a while but see? I'm finally getting back in to it and so should you!) I'll be there along with a slew of other characters for a few hours, chattin it up and taking in the music.

*If you're a vegetarian like me, make sure to try the Grilled Portobello sandwich! Sooo good!

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