Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trick 'r Treat! Finally!

I've been (rather impatiently) waiting for the arrival of the film Trick 'r Treat for about 2 or so years now, to no avail. It was supposed to be released 2 Halloweens ago. Then they said they couldn't find a distributor, but Halloween 2008 for sure! Then they said maybe it would be released on DVD for 2008, but no such luck. Can it be true? Will they FINALLY be releasing this mysterious Halloween tale from the shackles of ...wherever the hell it is that they keep unreleased movies?! Well that's what horror fan blogs are saying and I for one am secretly excited (outwardly, I'll pretend not to care in case of disappointment when they don't release it for the umpteenth time.) I'm a pretty big fan of all things holiday, and especially of all things Halloween. When I first saw the trailer, I was in awe. Finally, a REAL Halloween film for our generation! Not this Saw 1, 2, 3, 75, etc crap that we keep getting. But rather a film that really puts you in the thick of the holiday, the way the original John Carpenters' Halloween did over 30 years ago (alright, maybe not THAT good, but possibly still up there!) It's got everything you need for a great All Hallow's flick: costumes, candy, jack-o-lanterns, and a really creepy looking little serial killer type monster thing. So what have they been waiting for? You know it's going to make money if they put it in the theaters. My only fear is that the only good parts of the film have been shown in the trailer, but who knows. However, to tide us over for now, apparently 9 minutes of the film were included in the recent blu-ray release of Friday the 13th and they've finally leaked it to the very anxious internet world.

I warn you, it seems to be a tad spoilerish, but then again who knows. Either way, i've been waiting years for this so I figured I might as well watch before they take it down and I have to wait another 3 years for another 10 minute glimpse. 

Check it out here.. before it's too late!

And in additional Trick 'r Treat news, apparently they're going to be releasing a graphic novel by the same name around the time of the release (tentatively October 2009.) The first few pages they scanned up to the site look pretty sweet. I will certainly be purchasing that little as well.

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