Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Take Action Against the Fur Industry! - Pass The Truth In Fur Labeling Act!

As a vegetarian and an animal lover, I am very much against the use of fur in clothing. I've seen the videos and read the articles and know enough to not only feel, but to know that the fur industry is corrupt and inhumane. While I might not be the girl with the bucket of fake blood waiting for the next douchbag to walk out of Macy's with a fur coat, I am pretty outraged at hearing that apparently fur products that cost under $150 don't require having a label saying that the product has real fur. Yes, you heard me right. The public is being deceived (for the millionth time.) And this time, it's personal. I've made the same mistake as the woman in the video who didn't see a fur tag on the jacket and thus naturally assumed it was acrylic. Perhaps you've also made the same mistake in the past, hoping to not support to the fur industry but doing so mistakenly.

It only takes a minute to send a letter to your representative (the Human Society has provided this form for all to fill out, which locates your representatives immediately.) Please ask them to push this act forward!

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Tony said...

They should make fashion designers as well as the models who were slaughter the animals themselves.