Monday, June 15, 2009


Swoon. Haven't actually gotten to this part of the series yet (not by a long shot!)... It should tae about 3 weeks to finish if I watch a lot of it daily. We'll see. I've been watching all day since I've been unable to do much other than lay on the couch. This stomach virus, or "recreational water illness" as I suspect it to be, has been kicking my ass. It almost felt as though I was getting another fever this afternoon, but I took more ibuprofen and nipped it in the bud. Tony's out getting me some provisions for tomorrow. I'm lucky to have such an amazing and caring significant other. Today is our actual 3 year anniversary and here I am being a lazy schmuck while he takes care of me. (Update: he just called from the store to tell me a Lunchables cheese pizza isn't too high in calories in case I want one for when I feel better. Haha what more can I ask for?! I love those damn things...)

Now to continue on my binge watching of the warrior of love and justice!

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