Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moby - 'Wait For Me'

He's at it again it seems! NPR just released a First Listen for his latest album, 'Wait for Me', which they are hailing as his best in 10 years. I'm on the third song right now, and it's already phenomenal. I've missed new music, rather... I've missed GOOD new music. Moby always manages to capture varying moods so perfectly, from the joyous and free-spirited to the melancholy and disenchanted. Hell, i'd say he can even portray quixotic (one of the coolest moods one CAN be in - thanks, Livejournal.)

Track 4 now... Still good. I think I fell in love with Moby via The X-Files (they used a few of his songs on some of the most powerful scenes of the entire series.) Fell in love more when I found out he was a vegan. Compassionate genius! If only I could have even an ounce of his talent.

Track 5 now... Here's an excerpt from his blog:

"it seems as if too often an artists or musicians or writers creative output is judged by how well it accommodates the marketplace, and how much market share it commands and how much money it generates.

in making this record i wanted to focus on making something that i loved, without really being concerned about how it might be received by the marketplace. as a result it's a quieter and more melodic and more mournful and more personal record than some of the records i've made in the past."

Track 6 now... It shows, sir. (The vocals are almost Peter Murphy-esque?)

Also cool is that David Lynch directed a video for his first single off the album. You can check it out @ Pitchfork's website here.

I don't even know what track I'm on anymore... but you should definitely give it a listen in its' entirety and let me know what you think!

Off to enjoy the rest of it...

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