Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not the momma!

Dinosaurs. The massive creatures that ruled the earth millions of years ago. There is proof these these giants once walked the same lands we inhabit, and yet there are some in the world who would choose to believe otherwise. The ignorance in this world is astounding. How could anyone deny scientific proof? I'm not denying the existence or the possibility of the existence of a greatest being/entity... a "god" if you will, but I would certainly argue against any religion that would teach that something as real as dinosaurs was nothing more than an elaborate ruse. And hell, if it IS an elaborate ruse, wouldn't that be something! Seriously, though... As a student of anthropology and archaeology, I hold a special place in my heart for those incredible animals that existed for so long on our planet. If it weren't for the excessive amounts of science and math courses i'd be required to take, I would seriously consider a career in paleontology. For now, i'll have to just enjoy them during my visits to the natural history and science museums when I can. Much love and respect for the dinosaurs.

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