Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How Scandinavian of me...

Bjork is one of those musical geniuses I always love but tend to forget about. I don't mean to. We all love Bjork. She's one of my few favorite musicians that I have yet to see live (but hopefully someday, though I don't see her making it to Miami anytime soon.) Whether she's singing for the Sugarcubes or belting it out on her own, she always remains phenomenal in my book.

NPR is giving a first listen to Bjork's new album Voltaic. which is apparently new recordings of several older songs. I just heard the first two tracks "Wanderlust" and "Hunter," both of which were great although I don't think "Hunter" was too much of a deviation from the original recording. "Innocence" is definitely more of a dance track, in the most bizarre way... like a mix of ethereal pop and hip hop and hypnotic vocals. Her new version of "Army of Me," although not straying much, is even more incredible and certainly more intense than the original. "I Miss You" also has that dance-y modern feel behind it, without compromising the essence of the song. Bjork outdoes herself again. Give the album a listen and let me know what you think!

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