Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So it seems like Wal-Mart is digging its spurs into the haunches of Miami again. I've always been kind of glad that although Miami is already a slave to hundreds of chain stores, we still have some mom-and-pop shops available. Unlike some towns i've heard of where the biggest hangout is the local Wal-Mart, we have many options if we're willing to seek them out. But it seems Wal-Mart is looking to put more people out of business as they will now be expanding their West Kendall location by about 50,000 square feet to create another of their atrocious "super centers." As an ex-West Kendall resident and ex-Wal-Mart shopper, I'm appalled. The location they're in is practically on top of two difference housing complexes and creates an absurd amount of traffic (not to mention bad drivers - I got in to my first major car accident thanks to some ass who was rushing to get out of the Wal-Mart parking lot - which may or may not have anything to do with Wal-Mart but it doesn't make me hate them any less anyway.) And of course, our crap community council has accepted Wal-Mart's plan 3-2. Let's hear it for the brain trusts at the West Kendall Community Council! I especially love Jeff Wander's ignorant remark in the article:

"Wander dismissed concerns over Wal-Mart driving mom-and-pop shops out of business, saying those businesses should fail `'if they can't compete in a free market.''"

YOU are the one that fails, Mr. Wander, at being a decent human being. Fuck you, Wal-Mart. Get the hell out of my damn town and quit trying to take over the world.


Tony said...

This guy seems the type of person who believes that monopolies are a healthy part of a free-market.

48crash said...

Why is all the energy that should be spent building a fucking rail system and improving the substandard schooling here being used towards justifying a super Wal-Mart in an area that wasn't even zoned (originally rural) properly for densely-populated shitbox developments to begin with. A line needs to be drawn, someway, that the so-called giant can be allowed to be seen for what it really is....a venal bloodsucking machine