Friday, June 19, 2009

Currently Digging...

1. The Silversun Pickups

Where the hell did this band come from?! I was playing Rock Band at my friend Joe's house about a month ago or so when this amazing song starts playing. It's slow and melodic at first, with great female vocals. And then it picks up and picks up and results in this amazing mix of anger and noise until it subsides again. The song reminds me of first loves and teen romance, but not in a cheesy Good Charlotte kind of way. Like a woman remembering her first kiss or her first fuck, liberating and messy and beautiful and loud, painful and unforgettable all at once. Since then, i've added them to one of my Pandora radio stations and am impressed by every song of theirs that comes on. Thank you for instilling in me hope for the future of music, Silversun Pickups!

2. Hot Water with Lemon

(yes, that IS my Clubber Lang/Mr. T mug that I regularly drink my hot water/lemon combo in)
I've been starting most of my mornings with this and let me tell you, I honestly think it has helped in curbing my appetite. They say it helps kick start your metabolism as well, and while I have no scientific proof... I can say that it has helped (along with the daily workouts and dieting) in helping me lose 7 lbs already! Kudos, lemons!

A response to This Is Why You're Fat, Jennifer McCan (author of those rad-licious blogs and books Vegan Lunch Box and Schmood Food) decided that we've got enough unhealthy foods being "celebrated" and invented in the world and opted to create a blog praising all the great, good-for-you foods that we can eat in order to live much healthier, happier lives. At a time in my life where i've finally decided to take the first few steps to becoming a more health-conciouse individual, I can really appreciate McCan's blogs. Maybe if more of us thought the way she is, we'd have less cases of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease that is literally killing off so much of our population.

(Rania at the end of a 1.5 hour solo show...  amazing how she still has good energy!)

I started my love of belly dance last year when I took my first few classes over at Miami Dade College with Samay (who is a pretty bad ass instructor, by the way.) Unfortunately, I haven't been able to go back due to financial reasons. However, I'm determined to keep practicing moves while I'm out of classes so it'll be easier once I go back. I have a few belly dance fitness dvds but I got Rania's Cardio Shimmy dvd today and it completely kicked my ass! I have a hard time doing shoulder shimmies especially, but this dvd gives you a good break down of shimmies and keeps you moving the entire time. I highly recommend it for all novie dancer who want to add a better shake to their shimmy. The dvd also includes the waist sculpting workout from her 10 minute Fitness Quickies dvd as well, so that's definitely a plus.

(although i'm surprised they didn't have this one on the site, but if anything the ones there are just so much better..)

Thanks go out to Ana of Under-the-Counter for posting the link to these ridiculously hilarious public service announcements from years back. I know I certainly recall the one with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They range from entertaining to completely bizarre to hilarious to down right frightening. Methinks it wasn't just the target audience who was stoned when these were made...

What are you all digging this Friday afternoon?

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