Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday Trailers (Wednesday Edition!)

Sorry I couldn't get around to this yesterday (had a very long day at school), but here are some ultra fab trailers for you until next week!

The Runaways - I was a little iffy about this at first, but I'm hoping for the best. It's got Joan's personal approval and while she's always been pretty private about her personal life, there's definitely going to be some relationship-stuff between Joan and Cherie. Plus, even though I've never actually seen Kristen Stewart act, and I'm not really thrilled about watching any Twilight films anytime soon, i'd like to see what she can really do.

The Good Heart - Brian Cox and Paul Dano look like they'll be pretty brilliant in this strange buddy film. Plus the bar they're working at kind of reminds me of my visit to McSorely's in NYC, though maybe a *tad* less gruff and a smidge less Irish.

No One Knows About Persian Cats - Rockin In Iran? You bet! This looks really great. I think my favorte line from the trailer was "I love indie rock! 50 Cent... Madonna..."

The Harimaya Bridge - I guess every time an American goes to Japan, i'll first think of Lost In Translation. This looks nothing like it, but not necessarily in a bad way. Addressing racism in a different light, there's definite potential in this flick.

Mid-August Lunch - A man somehow gets stuck being a care taker for the elderly women in his area? In Italian!

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