Monday, January 04, 2010

Monday Discoveries.

Today I learned that...

Garlic sesame sticks from Whole Foods are one of the greatest snacks in the world. Ever. I think you need to go buy some right now.

Fidel Castro will probably never die. I'm pretty certain of this. Or at least anyone who was around during his initial takeover will probably die before he ever does. Maybe that's what happens when so many thousands of people wish someone dead. Not that I'm a fan of Fidel, but just saying.

Apparently Miami is feeling its coldest winter in 9 years.
Meaning the last time it was this cold it was 2001 and I was 16. I actually recall cold winters in my early high school years, waiting at 6am for school to start was always a fun/not-so-fun time for us. A lot of people are complaining about this, but I'm welcoming it with open, shivering arms.

Rediscovering old DVDs is fun. We bought The Animation Show ages ago and I've been reconnecting with some of my favorite animated shorts, like this little gem:

NicCageAsEveryone fever is sweeping the nation! Or at least my Facebook. Okay, maybe I'm just thoroughly amused.

And finally, this isn't something I learned today... but we've been watching Newsradio reruns thanks to Hulu as of late and i'll be damned if I don't fall in love with Bill McNeil (Phil Hartman) during every single episode. With his wit and charm and that goddamn awesome voice... how can you not?? You'll always be missed, Phil!

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