Friday, October 16, 2009

Robert Crumb Fleshes Out Adam and Eve

R. Crumb has decided to do an illustrated version of The Book of Genesis. I haven't read it yet, but I kind of want to. When I first read the headline, i'll admit, I was a bit more psyched about it. What can I say, I have a soft sport for blasphemy. But apparently it's nothing of the sort. In fact, he changes nothing about the story and from what this reviewer said, "you expect it to be sardonic, but it is not."

However, they also said it was very humanizing, and I guess that's the new word that hooked me in. The bible is nothing if it isn't something written by humans about the human condition. Sex, lies, betrayal, sacrifice, murder, hell... there's everything in it that makes more modern literature and film worth watching. I'll admit, I haven't read the entire book cover to cover. But I have read passages and at the very least, some of it makes for some interesting reading. Crumb's illustrated take will likely be even more interesting to say the least. I'm a little disappointed at his traditionalist depictions of God, Eden, and the "Tree of Knowledge," but then I guess that's what he was going for in a way. Either way, it's worth a look.

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