Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Morning Headlines!

The Times has a feature on Chef Jamie Oliver and his quest to inform the world on how to cook for oneself in order to break its dependency on fast food. Kudos, Jamie. We need more people to be on the look out since McDonalds won't be anytime soon...

Books and Books in the Gables will be playing the documentary Lumo on Wednesday night at 7pm about Congolese rape victims, presented by the organization HEAL Africa. Go watch and educate yourself and make a donation to this important cause!

The GLBTQ community is no longer staying silent about what they want. Thousands of protesters marched on to Washington D.C. to vocally demand their rights, including repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell and marriage equality for all. The Times has some great pictures from the event.

NPR has a great piece on Alton Brown, the coolest of Food Network chefs, who has just reached a milestone - a full decade of his show, Good Eats.

The LA Times ranks some of the best haunted houses in America this Halloween season!

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