Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy First Day of October! - The Asylum Eclectica

In honor of the start of the month of October, I'm here to bring to you some Halloween goodness every day (or almost every day) until that wonderful All Hallows Eve comes around again! Very excited about it this year (as I am every year.) To kick things off, i'd like to let you know about one of my favorite websites, good all year round but even more so in October.

I first discovered the Morbid Fact du Jour in the late 1990s and subscribed to the mailing list. Every day, I would thus receive an interesting and exceptionally morbid tidbit to ponder throughout the day. Over the years, The Comtesse DeSpair eventually branches away from having just a mailing list and created this interactive website of fun - The Asylum Eclectica, complete with Dark and Gruesome Links, My Brush With Morbidity, and one of my personal faves - Malady of the Month. I confess that I hadn't visited the website in quite a while and now I see she also has a blog up and has even joined the ranks of MySpace, Facebook, and even Twitter! If there's ever been a person that could change with the times, it's the horrifying Comtesse! If you're a fan of Halloween or of morbid-related things, do yourself a favor and check this website out. It seriously has everything (and if it doesn't, it has a link to it!) Support the Comtesse and the Asylum Eclectica! Happy First Day of All Hallows!

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