Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Anne Frank On Film

I first read the diary of Anne Frank when I was in the 3rd grade. I remember checking it out from my elementary school library and our librarian, Mrs. Edwards, was very impressed that I would be reading such a book at such an early age. Anne Frank's diary is a confessional i've always kept close to my heart. She taught me that it was alright be afraid and just as fine to be brave, to love and to feel and mostly to be an honest writer. If Anne had known that the world would someday read all her thoughts, she most likely would have held back. But out of the tragedy of her brief life came something that is more real than anything else, something that would change the lives of so many as we all got to read on about this young girl's life. The NYTimes has posted a short video of Anne on film that gives me chills. It seems strange to see the girl we've all pictured alive in our minds actually animated.

It's really something. They also posted a short video of her father, Otto Frank, who makes a very true statement. That parents don't really ever get to know their children. It makes me wonder what would happen if all parents somehow managed to read the inner workings of their children's minds. What would they think? How would they react? Funny how we hide so much from those that created us. Still, perhaps it was slightly comforting for Otto to at least really get to know his daughter after she was gone. One can only wonder what Anne would've thought about all this, what she would have written about it...

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