Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodbye, Patrick!

So it's official. Patrick Swayze, Mr. "Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner" himself, has checked out for the last time. I wasn't exactly Swayze's #1 fan or anything, but he was a good entertainer when he wanted to be. From Dirty Dancing to Roadhouse to his lovely drag performance in To Wong Foo to being a pederast tendencies in Donnie Darko, he played a wide array of colorful characters and didn't really seem to care to be typecast in one role or another (I have yet to see Ghost or Point Break... *gasp* I know, I know), not to mention he even branched out to have a short-lived singing career in spite of his success as an actor. He may not have had as many parts as some other actors, but everyone know his name and everyone will always remember him as Johnny, as Vida, and even as Dalton.

R.I.P. Patrick. You'll be missed.

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