Thursday, August 13, 2009

Utah Needs To Get Over It.

Spencer Jones and Tyler Barrick may have been elated in that picture at their wedding on June 17th, 2008; but they are pretty damn pissed off right now, and you should be two. See, they were married last year on the first day that gay marriage was allowed in California (right before Proposition 8 brought so much happiness to a complete halt.) The couple apparently wants to run a wedding announcement ad in their home newspaper The Spectrum, but are being denied this right. To my understanding, there is no law to suggest that a gay couple can't announce their wedding, but Donnie Welch (President and Publisher of The Spectrum) is refusing to print it just the same. He told the couple they could run the ad under "Celebrations" if and only if they wouldn't publish a picture with it (because, you know, maybe the poor God-lovin' fag-hatin' public of S. George, Utah might get confused and believe that Tyler was a woman.. or maybe Spencer?) When the couple refused, Welch told them that they could forget the whole thing.

It might not be a huge ordeal to some, but it's just one of the endless number of struggles the gay community face on a daily basis. If you're just as annoyed as the rest of us, please contact Donnie Welch via e-mail or phonecall asap and let him know you're outraged at his homophobic actions.

Donnie Welch

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